Have a great Monday!

Hello beauties! How are you all doing? Hope you’re all having an amazing day! Unfortunately I don’t have any new pictures so today I wanted to talk to you about general and some random stuff too. Remember when I went on the Sailing boat with friends and I showed you these pictures? Well, I’ve added new pictures because like i had told you, we took the pictures with different cameras and phones…so today I added the ones that I didn’t show all of you guys! 

Anyways, my day was good so far, woke up extremely early went to print some documents then went to my old school and got some documents I needed for different Universities and then finally got lunch and came home to eat.

Last few nights I went out with some friends for Shisha & for drinks at their house. Great fun just chilling with them!

This afternoon I’m going to a family friend’s house, remember Eva & Maisie my little cuties? Their parents are very close to mine and I love the girls, they’re adorable so we’re going over to say hi and welcome back from their holidays! I’m super excited to see them after 3 months of Summer!

Like i showed you my recent purchases was my beautiful Balenciaga, the dress & my new babies (Heels).

University Status, I’m still waiting for some replies, I will let you know & keep you posted! Stay tuned for more information soon!

Sometimes I ask myself if i should dye my hair a lighter shade of brown? What do you think?

Tonight i’m probably going out again, don’t know where yet.

On Wednesday I have a meeting I will tell you more about it soon! Stay Tuned!

& I’m also working on a few different & new projects for the blog.

Have a wonderful Monday & a great start of the week!
Wishing you all the best!

P.S. I promise i’ll take outfit photos soon!

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