A New Beginning

A new beginning! Yes, finally University. After the last two years of doing IB, I’m liking being in University much better. It is just so different when you’re doing school subjects or something that interests you and you can’t wait for your next class of that specific subject!

Right now i’m a Degree of Entry Program Student but my field is Fashion Marketing & Retailing (BA). Next year I have the option of choosing weather I want to stay here in the Heriot Watt- Dubai Campus or go to their Home Campus in Scotland.
I don’t know what I will do yet, I’m really liking it here so I will decide when the time is closer.

University life is amazing. For those of you out there who are close to deciding what you would like to do..make sure you chose super early, make sure you research the course you would like to do in detail, and in depth. Once you chose your course and you like it, you’ve got nothing to worry about if you study and love what you do!

My course, like I told you is in the field of Fashion Marketing & Retailing and i’m loving it. I love my lectures. (weird of me actually saying that). My friends are also so lovely.
University Rocks! 🙂
Have a lovely day!

I love having Starbucks in my Uni Campus

My breakfast! 🙂

Found this in my Art Sketch book


Waiting for my next class!


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