Travel Inspiration: Lisbon, Portugal

NOTE: Since on Monday I was super busy and was not able to publish the next Travel Inspiration post, here is it! Sorry about it being late but i’ve got tons of work for Uni.

Lisbon, what a beautiful city! I can’t wait to go to Portugal to visit all the beauties in the wonderful city! The beaches are unbelievable! My best friend Ana from LiveLaughAndLoveX is from Portugal but in Summer Time, she goes down to Lisbon & to other amazing cities to see different family members. From the pictures she showed me throughout this Summer, I’ve fallen in love! If you follow me on my Twitter account, you probably know that next year, when I transfer to Scotland for finishing off my University years, I will be most probably in April traveling to Portugal! I CANNOT wait!

It’s going to be the most amazing weeks ever, alone in Portugal (one of the cities i’ve always wanted to go, just like Paris & London) with my best friend! 

Here are some pictures of Lisbon!
Enjoy & hope you all have a great Wednesday!!

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10 Interesting Facts About Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and is full of beauty and charm. However, don’t scrape the surface thinking it’s just like any other place. Lisbon has it’s list of interesting secrets too.

1. In Lisbon, the streets are pretty much all black and white. People say the reason for this centers around the patron Saint of Lisbon; Saint Vincent. It’s said that the black represents the attire worn by Saint Vincent whereas the white represents the white outfit of the Christian Crusaders who vanquished the Moors.

2. The main river basin of the Tagus Estuary in Lisbon stretches up to 14km across and is said to be large enough to contain all the warships in the world.

3. Beneath the streets of Lisbon’s downtown shopping area lies a hidden Roman Underworld with chambers, rooms, bridges and corridors. The entrance to this fascinating world is marked by a block of metal at the top of Rua da Conceicao which is only open to the public two days a year due to the dangerous conditions lurking below.

4. Lisbon was practically destroyed on 1st November 1755 as a massive earthquake tipping the scales at 8.9 took the lives of 40,000 people and could be felt as far away as Scotland and Norway.

5. One of Lisbon’s attractions; the Torre de Belem. The tower’s first purpose was to safeguard the harbor but from the late 16th century up till the 19th, the tower served as a prison. Today however, it serves as a monument to Portugal’s Age of Discovery and it provides a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

6. Lisbon is also known as “the town of seven hills” which are compromised of the seven hills: Castelo, Graca, Monte, Penha de Franca, S.Pedro de Alcantara, Santa Catarina and Estrela.

7. Instead of hiking, why not take a one of a kind The Ascensor de Santa Justa (street elevator). This is another beloved landmark which takes passengers 45 meteres from the Baxia elevator to the Chiado district.

8. A very large statue of Cristo Rei (Christ the King) stands on the left bank of the river. This statue was erected to commemorate Portugal’s survival of World War II without its direct involvement.

9. Ironically, The Alfama, which is the oldest section of Lisbon, was spared by the 1755 earthquake and is one of the places to really go if you want to see Lisbon full of history.

10. Lisbon is home to the Stadium of Light, one of Europe’s biggest and famous soccer venues in which the main sporting team Benfica play their home game at.

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