Hello November! :)

(picture taken Summer 2011 – Glasgow, Scotland, UK)


I’m super excited because first of all from today (1st November) I don’t have University until the 12th November which means I get 12 days off! how exciting! 🙂

A good 12 days of full on posts! haha! Yes, I will be posting a lot more this month, since I’ve been busy with Uni, i’m also trying to prepare posts in case I haven’t got any time on those days! 

This month will be full of Outfit posts & a special post to my sister too! 

I’m also working on a few new projects for the blog so it’s going to be a busy month!

Also, if you follow me on twitter you probably saw my tweets saying I can’t find a good hairdresser, well, tomorrow i’m trying a new Beauty Saloon here in Dubai. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Hope you guys have the best start of the month!!


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Have an amazing day my dolls!

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