Weekends Like These…

 Another new purchase, the Blackberry Bunny case! It’s so cute right? I love it! 

From Monday (21st Nov) I’ve been working on a kinda-huge project for Uni for my Design class. It’s awesome, we chose any fashion-related object and we Re-Design it ourselves!

I chose Corsets (Soon there will be on the corsets that I got inspired by). It’s such a fantastic project because I also get to chose my own material and how I re-design my new corset.

I can’t wait to finish this project so I share everything I’ve done with all of you!

Here are some pictures I took on Thursday while working on one of my pieces!

Hope you like what I’ve done so far, obviously it’s not finished so don’t mind me…
I’ll show you my final thing when i’m done with it!

P.S.Have an amazing Friday!
Stay tuned!
Good Night lovelies!

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