Hello lovelies, how are you all doing? Today is the first day of bringing all of the boxes with our house stuff inside in the new house, this will be a very short post. 
I’ve been excited to tell you that i am now on holiday, hence the title of this post.
My holiday started on Sunday after my last exam at 11am. GUESS WHAT, I don’t have Uni classes until Sunday 8th Jan 2012! YAAAY
Today i will be busy with replying to your emails, moving boxes from house to house and preparing a post for you guys for tomorrow! I’m going to go start by replying to your emails and then I need to go and help out with moving into the new house. Speak soon!

Giulia xx

P.S. I promise very soon i’ll publish a new look of the day!
 I haven’t had time to take new pictures from a couple of days so i chose this picture from this Photoshoot, remember??
Thanks for your support & patience.

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