I Met Chiara Ferragni ♥

Most exciting post of this year! I can’t believe i’m writing this: I MET CHIARA from The Blonde Salad! Can you believe it?? She’s kinda been my inspiration since the first time I read her blog. Since the first day, which was  (early) Summer 2010, everytime i read a post. . . it was kinda just a dream to meet her one day at Milano. I would have never thought of going to dinner with my favourite fashion blogger in Dubai!!!

Last night was amazing! My sister & I organized to bring out Chiara & Richi from ‘The Blonde Salad’! We met the awesome, beautiful & oh so tall Chiara Ferragni & her boyfriend Richi! She’s such a sweetheart; she’s such an interesting person to talk to even if you’ve never met her before. She’s so lovely & has such an amazing personality with the best sense of humor.

It was actually an amazing day, I spent my morning cleaning up and finishing my room, my afternoon at a friends house & my night (from dinner time) with Chiara & Richi!

What more could I have asked for??

Giulia & Alex with Chiara Ferragni

Don’t forget to check The Blonde Salad – First Night In Dubai!

All pictures taken by Alex & Richi

Taken on Tuesday 27th December 2011

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