My Christmas Decorations

It’s been a really good month so far, I’ve been so excited about everything that’s been happening. Moving houses was the best one until now. Celebrating Christmas in the new house is so exciting. Since we moved house, we only had the time to set up the Christmas and decorate the house on Wednesday 21st & Thursday 22nd December. The same day (on Thursday the 22nd ) I went to a party with friends that was really fun, we all danced like crazy.

The house looks amazing; it’s so big and spacious. The Christmas decorations make it even more special than it really is.

Like I told you in the previous posts, I haven’t had any time to take any pictures until today. So here, enjoy the pictures

Hope you all have the most amazing Christmas Eve & Celebrate with all the people you love.

Wishing you all the best!!

Now let the celebrations begin!

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