Happy Valentine’s Day from Pixels Thoughts & Words


It’s undeniable that whether you’re in love or not, this holiday always makes for even the biggest holiday-scrooge’s heart to melt a little and give-in to all the cute teddy bears, red roses and chocolates that fill the stores and create that oh-so-special romantic atmosphere. 

So here it is, another Valentine’s Day post (remember the one from last year?) but this year to remind each of the people I love how much they mean to me!

Below is a little Valentine’s Day inspiration – whether you’re a pro or a bit less romantically savvy here are some cute ideas for this holiday! 

Teddy bears – undoubtedly cheesy but oh so cute! Always a safe bet!

Christian Louboutin studded red sneakers 

Beautiful red dresses

Makeup inspiration – can’t go wrong with signature red lips!

My favourite red lipstick shade at the moment – Rimmel by Kate Moss

Chanel red lipstick – hard to go wrong with an old classic

Cute ideas and some décor inspiration

Yummy treats for those with a sweet tooth! Click HERE for an amazing recipe for ‘Red Velvet Cupcakes’

Red Christian Louboutin pumps – the fastest way to ANY fashionista’s heart!

Delicious treats

If some of you haven’t already heard of it Pinterest is the BEST site for this sort of stuff with heaps of cute ideas, inspiration, DIY projects, crafts, recipes and a lot more! Click HERE for more ideas.

Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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