Day Out In Dubai

Hey guys! How are you all doing? Hope you had a fantastic week so far! It’s finally Wednesday, my second day off from Uni. Tomorrow my weekend finally begins! (YAAY). I cannot believe next week is my official last week of Uni classes and then I only have 4 hours (2 days) of exams left. TIME FLIES!
I honestly, can’t believe it.
Here are some pictures of the same day I showed you the outfit photos from here.
A day we brought my Aunt to see around Dubai and how beautiful it really is. My sister & I even got filmed and interviewed by NIVEA Middle East.
It was a good day because even the sky was clear and perfect to take some photos.
So, enjoy the pictures and I hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday.

Thank you all so much for your emails, comments & support!

All photographs taken by Gianni Zampieri, Alex & I.

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