Exhausted From Uni Work

Good Morning guys! how are you all doing? I’m so tired, all I did yesterday was get up and finish working on both my final English Essay which was over 1,500 words as well as my Exhibition E-Portfolio Report which was over 2,400 words. 

I’m actually on my way upstairs to go and get ready to go to Uni! What are your plans for today!

As I’ve told you before I’ve been super busy these past two weeks so I’m really sorry i havent updated the blog.

Today after I finish my class at Uni I’ll be going out with a few friends & i might be able to see my boyfriend too! I’ll keep you posted! 

anyway, i need to go get ready or i’ll miss the metro! 

Hope you have an amazing Thursday lovelies! Pump up this weekend!

Oh and hope you have an amazing start to the month of March!


 Isn’t this so true you guys? I love it!

 Oh, last night I found this picture on Facebook and I just had to post it today! Isn’t it SO cute?! I want a baby panda!

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