The New Love Of My Life ♥

So for the longest time, we’ve been looking around for a perfect and new Siberian Husky puppy. We’ve look in several different countries. Well, I’m excited to share the news with you because we’ve finally found the perfect little puppy. 

The puppy is a male, he is now 2 months old, he is a full breed, Siberian Husky..

I’d like to welcome to you, the new love of my life, Shanuk

On Friday 20th April, my family and I went to Abu Dhabi to meet the puppy & I seriously believe in love at first sight.

The moment I first met him, and held him in between my arms I knew he needed to be mine. He’s the cutest puppy on this Earth!

Here are some pictures taken of me & him when we met.

Hope you love them as much as I do!

Now, I’m going back to playing with my baby!
We just brought him home last night, so it’s all new to us! WE ADORE HIM! 

Have a gorgeous day people!

Love, Giulia

April 2012.

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