I’ve always had a passion and was always a fan of tattoos! Since I was a young teenager I’ve wanted one but I’ve always told myself after I’m 18 i’ll get my first one done and that was a few years ago, so i’m planning to get my first one this year 🙂

I have a few ideas of where I want my first one but I adore them and I want more than one!

For now, these are the inspirations that inspired me and are convincing me to get one even more! I’m fully convinced about my first tattoo and I can’t wait to get it done!

A LOT of inspiration came from Chiara from this post of hers. Remember her from The Blonde Salad, my favourite blogger 🙂
Any other ideas for me? Do you have any tattoos? 
I would love to read comments from you all!

Have a gorgeous day ahead.

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