Jardim Zoológico De Lisboa

Hello sunshines! Hope you’re all doing amazing! On Saturday 7th July we went to the Zoo in Lisbon & OMG, it was one of the most beautiful, clean and perfect Zoos I’ve ever been to! It has all the animals anyone can think of, Horses, Penguins, Lions, White Tigers, Zebras, Turtles, Snakes, Giraffes, Elephants, Chickens, Ducks, Seals, Dolphins and SO many more. 

The most exciting part of my day was to see my favorite animals in real life; Elephants! The other amazing part of my day was to touch an adorable giraffe. YAAAY! 

Such an amazing day, everyone knows I’m an animal lover & spending my entire day in a zoo where they treat animals like a girl treats her shoes is amazing!

I have to thank my best friend and her family for giving me the opportunity for me to go to the amazing Zoo in Lisbon!

&& I also have to thank my family for giving me the opportunity to even come to Portugal to visit my best friend and also all the amazing sites and everything I’ve done so far in Portugal. I feel consider myself very lucky.

I took more than 900 pictures but of course I’m only going to show you the most amazing ones! I’m probably going to have two posts with the pictures from the Zoo! So here for you the first part with half of the pictures I’m going to show you! 

Hope all of you have an amazing day! Now I need to go because I’m going to visit another part of Lisbon! I’m SO SO excited! I might take more than 900 pictures today! 😉

Kisses from Barreiro!

P.S. Italian translations on previous posts coming soon!

Lisbon, Portugal


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