Sunday Shoe Love; ‘Glitter Shoes’ by Chiara Ferragni

These are the shoes from Chiara Ferragni shoe line. I adore them, I think they’re perfect for summer especially with the weather being super warm in most of the countries in the world. I took these pictures from Chiara Ferragni’s blog; The Blonde Salad as well as her website that you can see all the list of shops that sell her shoes. 

Perfect flats for summer, I can’t wait to go to Italy I will try my best to find them and maybe even buy them if they have my size. Unfortunately, since I have a weird shoe size  and for heels it’s completely different to flats and same with sandals I can’t order them and so I would only be able to buy them if I actually went to the store and tried the shoes on me. 

Aren’t they so gorgeous? J’adore! 

You can find more of her shoe line when you click HERE

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