Benetton Outfits; Silvia

PixelsThoughts&Words had the opportunity to work with United Colors Of Benetton & I’ve spoken to you about Project 1 which was basically going to the United Colors Of Benetton store in Dubai Mall and trying on different outfits taking pictures and then blogging about them later on. 

Well, Alex (my sister & my photographer for PixelsThoughts&Words) came with me to help me out with the pictures I had to take that day but since Silvia was in Dubai, she also tagged along and joined us. That day, while I tried on different outfits and Alex took pictures of me for the blog. Silvia also tried on a few different outfits.

So here they are. The pictures Alex took of Silvia were of three different outfits. Hope you guys like the outfits I chose for her. I’m waiting for your comments.

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Thank you so much everyone!

You guys are absolutely awesome!

First Outfit She Was Wearing:

Shirt & Shoes: United Colors Of Benetton 

Leggings: Forever XXI

Second Outfit She Was Wearing:

Shirt & Shoes: United Colors Of Benetton

Leggings: Forever XXI

Third Outfit She Was Wearing:

Skirt & Shoes: United Colors Of Benetton

Top: Forever XXI

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