New Goodies

I’ve been buying new things for the past couple of weeks, well…since I’ve been back in Dubai. I’ve been wanting to show you for a little while now but I waited until today. You can tell I’m a tad obsessed with Hermes! =) I have the bangles in so many colors now! I’m SO extremely excited to show you them while on my wrist!!!
hehe I’m in love with the bangles! My favorite wrist candy right now is the one I can never take off. The Cartier Love Bracelet, but that’s the only one I didn’t buy myself, that one very special person gave it to me as a gift. I ADORE all of them though.

The Love Cartier Bracelet was given to me as a gift by one very special person.

Hermes Bearn Gusset Purse Clemence Purple

Chanel Sunglasses; buy them by clicking over here

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