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Today I can finally show you my final post on Project 2. My blogger Window!! Styling 3 mannequins was so much fun and such good experience for the blog too. I had tons of fun picking out clothes for the mannequins which by the way I gave a name to each one of them.

I chose more of an elegant look for my first mannequin and her name is Amanda. Amanda The Mannequin. I thought the name matched her so well. For my second mannequin I chose more of a casual look & I named the mannequin Victoria. For my last one but not least, I chose to style my third mannequin with a bit of a casual but sporty look to make it look different from the other two mannequins. My third one, I named her Luisa. Luisa the mannequin.

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Thank you so much everyone!

Alex standing with my mannequins; Amanda & Luisa,

Thank you Alex, for being the most awesome assistant & person photographer.
& Thank you Silvia for helping out aswell.

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