Say It With A Smile

Good Morning dolls! How are you all doing? Having a good week? On Sunday I started my course at University & I’ve got so much to tell you about it. Did you have fun the past weekend? I took these photos the other day when we went to drink a coffee and bring Shanuk for a walk.

For my outfit I chose to wear, dark blue Jeggings, a black and white shirt from Forever XXI, a pink cardigan, my Balenciaga for a bag & I also added my green Hermes Bangle & my purple Links bracelet.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Monday!
Talk to you soon gorgeous people! Thank you so much for all of your comments!








I was wearing:

| Shirt: Forever XXI | Jeggings: H&M | Shoes: Spring | Bag: Balenciaga Bangle: Hermes | Bracelet: Links Cartier Lve Bracelet Sunnies: London

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