What I’ve Been Up To

Hey guys it’s been ages! Hope you’re all doing amazing and having a gorgeous Wednesday! As you’re reading this I’m probably busy designing something or maybe experimenting with something… I’m in my favorite design class at Uni basically.

Sorry I haven’t updated…well firstly, I’ve been busy with Uni work. I’ve been drawing and designing stuff and working on all my projects since day 1 but from now I’m gonna make more time for the blog.

I can’t believe September is almost over. It was the second week of this month that I got a bit sick for a week so I didn’t feel like doing anything really. For the rest of the days I’ve been working on my projects, spending quality time with my babies (both Maxi, my boyfriend & My baby Shanuk, my puppy). I honestly CANNOT believe it that the year 2012 is almost over.

Stay tuned with a new post guys!

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