Giulia Zampieri For United Colors Of Benetton; Outfit 4

For my fourth and last look I chose to wear was simple but very playful and fashionable. I chose to wear black leggings, a white undershirt, a purple-blueish knitted shirt and a green coat. I fell in love with the thick neck of the knitted shirt and with the coat I chose green because it’s such an attractive color and stands out with this outfit.

My first outfit was a bit sophisticated, my second one was playful and cheerful & my third one was cute & simple.

What’s your favourite look? Do you guys like this one?

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Per il mio quarto e ultimo look, ho scelto di indossare un outfit semplice ma divertente. Ho scelto di indossare leggings neri, una maglietta bianca, una camicia maglia viola scuro e un cappotto verde. Mi sono innamorata con il collo della camicia spessa maglia e con il cappotto verde, l’ho scelto perché é come un colore attaente e si distingue bennissimo con questo outfit.

Il mio primo look era un po sifisticato, il mio secondo look era divertente, allegro e giocoso e il mio terzo era carino, simpatico e semplice.

Quale il tuo look preferito? Vi piacie questo?

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Full Outfit: United Colors Of Benetton

Photographs by: Alessandra Zampieri

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