Our Halloween Looks

It’s Halloween again! Can you guys freakin believe it? I’ve been super excited about Halloween for the longest time. I had a list of characters I wanted to dress up as but only decided on Friday 26tth, just an hour before the boys were ready and we went to the Halloween party. I wanted to wear a corset and leggings but I didn’t finish stitching my corset so I had to wear these yellow shorts, a white top and of course my awesome bunny ears, bow & bunny tail too.
My boyfriend (on the left) was dressed as a pirate, which I honestly thought looked amazing on him. 
On the right, Essa, one of Maxi’s close friends dressed as The Joker.
Don’t we all look so awesome! I love Halloween this year!
What are you all dressing up as? Where are you all going to?

My baby dressed as a Pirate!

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