Instagram Pictures; Week 1

 Sisterly love!

Hello guys! If you haven’t read my recent posts yet, I wanted to remind you that I’m now using Instagram, and I have been since over a week or so. Well, if you have it to please do follow me. My name on Instagram is PixelsThoughtsandWords.

Enjoy these latest photos!
Have a great week!

 One of Nick’s birthday gifts to my sister! (a trip together to Sri Lanka)

Uni work

 Ready for Sister’s family dinner!


Ready for Alex’s Birthday dinner!

 Good Morning!

Uni Work…..never ends

 Azeen & I

 Alex reading the birthday card me & my family got her!

 My gorgeous sister & I

 the card

 My infinity ring!   

 One of my sister’s birthday cakes! 

 Marina Walk..

 Stitching my skirt

 Daddy-daughter love!

 Good Morning!

Richi, Chiara & I (Last year when I met her in Dubai! – 30-12-2011)

Random me

My baby is so adorable!

 Good Night loves! 

 Good Morning

 Sisters together! 

 She looks so happy

 Friday night, ready for a good night out!

 & again

Dijana working on her skirt 

He’s so cute! 

 Say hi to the neighbours

 Azeen & her baby… aka My BESTIE!

My Babyboy

Azeen & I (Monday 19th Nov)

Azeen with the gift Dijana & I got her!

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