Best Of 2012

ANOTHER AMAZING YEAR: This year was probably one of the best years in my life so far! The end of every year is always the time for me to reflet on the things I’ve achieved, people I’ve met, decisions I’ve made and to start making goals  for the new year ahead.This year has been an absolutely incredible one, I remember the to-do list I wrote at the end of December 2011, I wouldn’t believe any of it would happen, but they did, 9/10 goals (from the blog) happened. My blog grew so much over the last year and it’s still growing and hopefully it will continue to grow even more every day.

From the 1st of January 2012 until today (31st of December 2012) I have loved every single day of this year. 

January was an amazing month because I got to know Maxi more and more, I got to do things I would have never done. June was another amazing month, I had an amazing birthday celebration that lasted a week, first with my family, then my mexican themed dinner at home with my family and boyfriend, then out to dinner with my boyfriend, then out to dinner with my sister and finally a birthday gathering with my closest friends. I received the best birthday presents such as a trip to Portugal with my best friend during the summer, a new phone and so many other things. 

February, Maxi gave me Snuggles as a gift. We went to our friend’s surprise Yacht birthday party. February was one of the best months with Maxi, he gave me amazing gifts for Valentine’s and the month was just amazing.

In March, my aunt from Italy came for a visit to Dubai, I took a lot of outfit photos, it wasn’t such a busy month with University. At the end of March, My sister & I went to the opening of West LA where I also met Huda  (From & Mona Kattan (from over here). They’re gorgeous & such awesome sisters! 

In April, my family and I met our baby Shanuk for the first time on the Friday 20th April we went to meet Shanuk who was being sold by one of my friends. For the first time, we fell in love with our baby Shanuk & on Monday 23rd April, my dad and I went to pick up our new family member!  In April I also bought my first pair of Christian Louboutins. Towards the end of April, thanks to Diana & Fadi; Maxi, most of my closest friends and I went to one of my best friend’s birthday party that was located on a yacht. It was amazing, thank you so much for everything babygirl Diana!! At the end of April I also worked on a my “mega” project that I had for one of my classes at Uni.

In May, my Summer holiday officially start on the 1st of the month. Another month were I took a lot of outfit photos for the blog. I had the most amazing month since I had no University classes at all.

In June, the 2nd of June to be specific, Maxi & I went to another Yacht party with a lot of our close friends, we had the time of our lives. 

On the 3rd of June, I TURNED 20 years old (I feel old muahahaha!). My birthday celebrations lasted a week, I celebrated first with Maxi and the rest of my family, then only out to dinner with Maxi, then out to dinner with my sister and finally a Birthday gathering with my closest friends who I love the most.

On the 6th of June, I booked my Summer holiday to go visit Portugal.

At the end of June, I left to Portugal and spent 18 days in Barreiro & Lisbon with my best friend Ana.

I spent most of the month of July in Portugal with Ana. Towards the end of July I came back to Dubai from Portugal and spent the rest of the summer with my family and Maxi. 

In August, I worked and collaborated with United Colors Of Benetton. Nick officially moved to Dubai. Silvia came to Dubai for a month, 

In September I started my first year of Fashion Design at Heriot Watt University- Dubai Campus. I bought my first sowing machine her name is Stitchelina Le Pink….♥.

In October, at the beginning of October, I went to Dubai Music Festival, one of the most amazing nights ever. On the 31st of October, I had one of the best Halloween celebrations in a while celebrating both with boo and with other friends too.

In November, Thursday 15th to be exact, my friends and I organized a birthday party for one of my best friends Azeen, It was a night to remember with such amazing friends! Towards the end of November until the day I finished the first semester of Uni it was crazy work but so worth it after all. I made my first skirt from scratch, it was epic. 

December has been an amazing month so far. The blog is growing more and more every day and i couldn’t be happier.

I thank you, my lovely readers for all those hits I got this year. Between the first day I started my blog (Saturday 18th September 2010) and today. I hope my blog continues to grow as much as it does today or even more.

I wish you an amazing start to the coming year 2013! Wishing you more happiness & Success from this day onwards.

I think I told you enough about these 12 months :)

I had the luck to share this special year with a lot of people who made every step and goal unique: thanks to Maxi, to all my friends and to my family for being by my side, no matter what. And thanks to you, for always being here, even If behind a screen: when I’m very happy and get emotional some tears get to my cheeks while I smile.









♥ Giulia Zampieri


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