My InstaPixels: January

INSTAGRAM-GOODIES: Today’s post is dedicated to all of the pictures I put on my Instagram profile this month. I’ve been posting quite a bit this month.  I love Instagram & posting pictures but since I don’t have an iPhone yet, I can usually only do it in the morning or at night. In the weekends, I go crazy with it.♥

So here you go, all of the pictures I put up this month.

Enjoy guys!!

 Happy New Year To All!

 My sister’s wrist candy!

 My best friend Azeen is a poser!

 & so are both my baby Shanuk & Lilu!

 Heaven. On. Earth.

 Random me…

 My boo & I

 Infinity – Ink on my wrist (It’s drawn with a SHARPIE)

 I want this hairstyle!

 A lazy day for me! 🙂

 My Cartier Love Bracelet!

Memories; Alex, Nike & I

 I adore this shirt.

 Love her outfit.

 In my room….

 Shooting for the blog.


 A great number of views on the blog today! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!


 Before shooting for the blog!

Gangam style video!

 Mid-night snack! 🙂 NUTELLA I LOVE YOU!

 Ready to shoot for the blog!

 & again.

 Ready for the change! 🙂

 My sister got the iPhone 5. I love it but still like the 4s better! 🙂

 Goodnight people


 I love her.

 The result turned out good. I love the change!

I love my dark hair! 🙂

 On my way home from Uni!


Awesome pink ferrari!

 When she steals my iPod and just shoots an entire photoshoot…

 More than a year ago!

 Sneak peak of my outfit

 New layout & post up on my blog!

 I adore them so so so so much!

 Do you like this one better? I put it on my Facebook Fan Page

Kissing my baby!


Marina Walk…twisty building

 Another outfit post up on my blog

 Shanuk…..little tiny baby Shanuk!

 My Sister on an Elephant in Bali! SO JEALOUS OF HER!

 He was SO tiny!

 Last year…memories…one of my favorite outfits.

 Magazines…another obsession of mine

Sneak peak of my outfit post

& again

 I’m such a freak

Just Breathe

 My new babies – Isa & Bel (Isabel Marant Look-a-likes)

Alex’s amazing new iPhone 5

Beautiful Burj Khalifa

 Nalex 🙂

 Burj Khalifa Fountains

 Ready to go out!

 My beautiful sister & I

 Outfit sneak peak!

 & again!

 Sick times…temperature – spent the entire day in bed watching working, taking medicines and drinking warm tea

 Outfit sneak peak once again!

 I like this picture!

 Good Morning! 🙂

 Being silly!

Love this shirt!

 Pretty Little Liars time! 🙂

Beautiful buildings in Marina!

♥ Giulia Zampieri



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