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PIXELSTHOUGHTSANDWORDS GUIDE: A post decicated to an entire article written on how to take care of your bags.♥ Those little things I call my loves, well, believe it or not it doesn’t matter how expensive or how cheap it is, it should always be kept as well as possible. Let me know if you find this article interesting and useful.

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Have you ever ruined one of your favorite bags? Well, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for it, the bottom line is that if you bought the bag then you obviously love it and want to keep it in perfect conditions. Below are some tips on how to take care of your bag.

Follow or at least consider these tips before and after you use your handbag. The priority is to keep your bag looking good and stain free but to enjoy using it to the max.

First of all, look after it, always store your bag in a dustbag or use a natural fiber soft pillowslip. You want your bag to last a really long time and to use your favorite bag for important events. Always make sure you store your bag with the dust bag somewhere that it won’t get as dirty such a wardrobe.

Handle your bag with a lot of care, don’t touch and carry your bag with dirty hands.

Avoid dandling any bag, especially designer bags after applying beauty products, face foundations or hand creams.

Be cafeful where and when you wear your bag, chose properly which bag you’re going to wear. Don’t wear an expensive designer bag if the weather is really bad or you know it’s going to rain.

When you visit salons or your hairdresser, be careful where you put your bag, hair products can easily be splashed and leave stains on bags. Don’t leave it on the floor; someone might spill some hair product on your bag. Try and not leave your bag unattended, but at the same time be careful where you leave it. In beauty salons there are always nail polishes or hair dyes or something that can damage your bag.

When you’re carrying a light coloured bag, don’t carry things like make up products or hand sanitizer bottles which might leak, carry them in smaller pouches so that IF they spill, your bag will be saved.

Don’t use your bag as a rest to place a paper and write notes.

If your bag has a chain handle, store the chain inside the bag to avoid scratching the outside leather when the bag is resting.

When you store your bag, use bubble wrap to stuff your bags as it does not attract moths in the same way as tissue paper does.

Avoid bringing your special bag to the supermarket unless you’re planning to impress a Mr. Right, trolleys can scratch your bag nd mark it permanently, as can spillages from food products such as yoghurts, creams, drips, milk or sometimes cleaning products.

Never put your bag on the floor. The floor is never clean and there are always germs and nastiness on the floor so why place your bag there? Always try place in on the black of the chair, on your lap or on another seat.

Try avoid over-cleaning your bag, as there is a buildup of chemical products that will also contribute to the destruction of your bag.

Research and find out what type of material your handbag is made of because sometimes it requires different instructions to clean and preserve it.

Invest on products such as ones to help you take care of your handbag for example leather protector.

Don’t wait until the last minute to make repairs on your bag, if you do you may cause more bad than good. At the first sign of damage, visit your local seamstress or repair shop depending on what has actually happened to your bag.

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♥ Giulia Zampieri


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