A Little Update From Italy!

LOVIN’ ITALY, NEVER WANT TO LEAVE: GOOD AFTERNOON GUYS!!! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts, as you guys know I’ve been in Italy for almost two weeks now and I’ve been going out every single day and night
If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen my pictures but if you haven’t, I wanted to also announce the birth of my new baby, also known as my new amera, yep guys I’m talking about the beautiful little creature that is in the first picture, the Sony Alpha 58. Soon an entire post about my new baby.
& also, I’ve got something exciting to show you guys!
ahhh I’m so excited!

I’m on my way out now but either this week or when I get back to Dubai I will publish all of the hundreds or pictures I took at home, here in Italy and around Slovenia and all.Thanks for being patient…here are a few pictures I had uploaded a little while ago!
Have an amazing Monday & start of the week if you’re here in Europe! ♥

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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