A Little Update!

UPDATE TIME: So, as you probably know, I’ve been working at Shape Magazine Middle East. I’ll tell you everything about my internship on another post but for now I just wanted to tell you guys a little update…since I’ve kinda ditched my blog because i’ve been so busy. Since the beginning of August, we’ve been going out from like 9pm until 7:30am every single day of the weekend. I would basically get home on Thursday night, shower, change, quickly have dinner, get ready, leave the house…come back the day after in the morning, sleep for a few hours, go out on Friday afternoon stay until the morning and so on….Silvia & I have been having so much fun with the amazing friends of ours. So yeh, weekdays, every day at work, weekends out until 8 in the morning so I basically had no time for anything but like I said, it’s all worth it. I’ve been having an amazing time. I’m loving every minute and every single second of this month!!!

See you soon with a new post!!

Hope you all have an amazing Monday night!!

P.S. Don’t you just adore Shanuk’s cute little face in the photo!!
Oh, and I’m in complete love with my new Celine Nano!

P.P.S. I still have a million pictures to show you between Italy, Silvia’s stay in Dubai, Partying, Clubbing, working with Benetton & so on….THANK YOU, for being patient!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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