Our Horse Riding Experience!

TRIAL DAY: Right, so after I finally finished choosing the pictures to go up on the blog, & the layout and so on, here’s the finished post. Let me start by telling you, horse riding in Italy was one of the most exciting adventures. One of the days I was at my Grandmas’ place, my aunt and I went biking to the countryside of this little town to look around and take some pictures of the horses, and with. We also got an appointment for a “TRIAL” day. A day that my aunt, Alex and I went to the place again and we actually went on tthe horse and Mr.Giorgio made sure we knew how to get on the horse and he tought us how to sit straight and how to turn and so on.
Incredible experience.

A speacial thanks to my aunt, for finding out and telling me about the place! & also to Circolo Ippico Palmanova who gave Alex & I the opportunity to go horse riding along the countryside.

Thank you so much, I’m excited for our next horse riding experience next time we’re in that town!
Soon the photos we took on the actual day when we went horse riding in the countryside.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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