New in: Louis Vuitton Bandouliere

MY NEW BABY: This purchase was a tiny bit different because, my mum adores Louis Vuitton, so, for this bag to be mine, was a slightly bit easier. So, we went into the Louis Vuitton store, this time in Dubai Mall…when we were at there one day randomly, so we went inside and I asked to see the bag, in 2 different sizes. To be honest, it had felt so little ago that I asked her, which size would you get? And she had told me, either 25 or 30, but still weren’t sure. So when we were at the store, I asked her again, and when they lady brought both of the sizes for us to see, she looked at me and pointed at that one and said this one is perfect.

So that’s how It went, and we decided we want it that one that style and the size we chose. A few days later, came home from work and she had bought it! YAAAY

So here are some pictures taken with our new camera that I showed you over here….of my new baby! I can’t wait to show you an outfit with her!

Louis Vuitton Bandouliere

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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