Be Healthy & Fit

EAT CLEAN & BE FIT: Since I started to have a healthier lifestyle, exercising daily and eating “healthy food” I’m feeling much better! Life is completely different, in a good way. I feel so much better, more active and I cannot stop smiling. I’m happier than ever.

I feel much more willingness during the day and on my weekend I don’t feel guilty to eat a little bit more 😉 The best of all are the running workouts that made me lose weight and actually tone up. I’m a lot more toned than before.
You will need courage to start, and you might need a bit of motivation but once you start and get used to your workout routine, the results will encourage you even more and you will not want to stop. Ever.

I’ve always been quite in good shape, apart from moments when I was really stressed and so i gained weight and so on, but apart from that my body has always had a good shape, thanks to my fast metabolism and my height.

Now a days, thanks to my number one motivation Melissa (my Spanish babe), I have continued and ate even more healthy than when I first started and my workout routines have been better and better every day. It’s hard work, but like I said, once you start, it’ll be easier to continue. Living healthy is so much better, having that amazing body and being fit is the most amazing feeling for your body.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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