Best Of 2013


year which changed me, made me understand so many things. A year which made me understand,
to never quit your passions. To make them from passions and make them into reality, work hard
and never give up. As I always say and # these days, Take Your Passion & Make It

This year was probably one of the best years in my life so
far! The end of every year is always the time for me to reflect on the
things I’ve achieved, people I’ve met, decisions I’ve made and to start making
goals for the New Year ahead. This year has been an absolutely incredible
one, I remember the to-do list I wrote at the end of December 2012, I
wouldn’t believe any of it would happen, but they did, 9/10 goals (from the
blog) happened. My blog grew so much over the last year and it’s still growing
and hopefully it will continue to grow even more every day.

the 1st of January 2013 until today (31st of December 2013) I have loved every
single day of this year. From laughter, to sadness, to crying to more
laughter…at the end of the day, I have really learnt a lot. It was a year full
of emotions.

On the 28th of March was when my summer holidays
officially began, this was because in year one of university I was in the
course “fashion design” so all of my exams were projects and no written exams
all due before the end of March. From April until September 11th
were the best months any one could have asked for and so much happened.

April, was just a casual fantastic month, went out with friends,
met new people, had fun and I also loved relaxing and spending quality time
with my family and my two fluffy babies (my dogs).

May, my best friend from Italy(Giulia) came to visit me in Dubai with her brother. I had so much fun
playing tourist with them, going around Dubai showing them places, going on the
Desert Safari, going clubbing and so on. End of

I started my driver’s license (finally!!) haha.
It took ages, also because I could only have limited lessons per day.

June, celebrated a couple ofbirthdays, had fun going out with my friends and made a million

July, this was the month I went toItaly, to visit my family (Grandma, Aunts, Cousins) and ofcourse my best
friend Giulia. Went out with friends, went to visit my favorite castle in
Trieste, happily got my first tattoo (finally),
took loads of outfit photos in different locations in Italy (not just my
balcony haha) and made more amazing memories.

August, the month I started my Internship with Shape Magazine
Middle East. That was an incredible experience I told you guys about over here.

September was the month where we went back to University, new
course…as you all know I changed my course from Fashion Design to Fashion
Marketing & Retailing, new classes and new friends. My blog turned 3 years old and thanks to all of you, you made it
even more special. I’m proud of my baby. September was also the month I started
training, working out and eating healthy. I
completely changed my lifestyle.

October, was a very busy month, but made It through. Focusing
on new projects which hopefully I will be able to talk to you about in the new
year. Worked for Dubai Vogue Fashion Night Out, wasable to meet my gorgeous Italian babes Chiara Ferragni again from The BlondeSalad, saw Rihanna live in Abu Dhabi. Went
on road trips with my family, went camping with friends and ofcourse made new amazing

November, celebrated more birthdays, regretted having stopped
my passion for flying (microlights). Spent quality time with both my family and
my friends, caught up with old friends, worked at Rugby7s, met new people.

December, a month full of happiness, joy, laughter and spent
with the most amazing family and friends anyone could ever ask for. I’m grateful
for every day of my life.

My passions became reality, some for the second time, and some naturally. One of them was running which not only became a hobby and a passion but it became a lifestyle, working out became a daily need, which I’m in love with and thankful for.

I really hope 2014 will be as amazing as this past year or
even more, I don’t regret not one single minute of this year. I hope you all
have a wonderful year, full of memories, laughter, happiness, joy and success.

I think I told you enough about these 12 months….

had the luck to share this special year with a lot of people who made every
step and goal unique, thanks to all my friends and to my family for being by my
side, no matter what. And thanks to you, for always being here, even If behind
a screen: when I’m very happy and get emotional some tears get to my cheeks
while I smile.


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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