Finally Done With Exams

E X A M S : I despite this time of the year. Both in school and Uni, the end of each semester is usually the definition of hell. This year, I had 4 exams. One of them was a project, one was an essay and two of them were written exams in the exams hall in Uni.

Ofcourse, the essay was my “favorite exam”, because our awesome teacher told us about it in advance, so we had all the time to research, plan, write, edit and edit some more and then finally submit. The project, i don’t even want to talk about. The two written exams, to be completely honest, I thought i was going to hate my life after I came out from the exam room but it turns out it was much much better than I thought. ESPECIALLY, the last exam, that we wrote on FRIDAY 13TH DECEMBER. It was indeed a very very good day! 🙂

After spending a week of all nighters with lots and lots of coffee, water, chocolate and candy….I survived..

I’m SO SO SO glad exams are over!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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