I’m Still Sick!

I went to Uni yesterday, but left class early because I felt / still feel like a zombie.

A non stop coughing zombie! Last night, I got driven to the doctors again, I needed stronger medicines…the first ones they gave me obviously didn’t work! 

So this time they gave me anti biotics, papain killers, cough sirup and so on.

I have some really good news though!!! Although I can’t tell you details just yet! There are some really exciting things and projects I’m working with and things coming soon!  

It’s been a bit difficult trying to manage both the blog and Uni work but I guess it’s normal. I’m going to have to manage my time better if I want to keep a good balance!

Anyways I’m going to watch a show before I go have breakfast and overdose with my medicines! 

Speak soon! CIAO!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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