Fixing It Up

FIXING TIME: Andd it’s Thursday, there’s no class because we are currently working on our project for today’s class due next week. I just wanted to write a little update, I’m sorry about the blog not being updated often and the fact that it hasn’t been active but my team is currently fixing that at the moment so it should be done soon.

As you saw, there is a completely new look, I wanted my blog to have a fresh new makeover and it happened!

Soon, everything will be finished and it will look how it’s suppose to!

I will be publishing a lot more posts during April (since I’ll be on holiday)
For now, including this post, I have “scheduled” them so I don’t need to be on the laptop typing the article, but i just put the date & time and they will publish at that moment.

Anways, stay tuned because soon there’s a new post!!
Hope you like the new look guys!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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