Mum’s Birthday ’14

birthday we did something different again this year, my sister and I try doing
something creative every year….this one we chose to go eat Sushi at this
place downtown close by to Dubai Mall! 🙂 oh and we’re bringing her out for
lunch too! 

We thought of Noodle
House for lunch, which has such amazing food! I adore Asian dishes in general!
I told my mum to get dressed and ready by 1, drove to my sisters office picked
her up and obviously my mum didn’t know, and then drove to noodle house!

Lunch was so
delicious, I eat loads every time we go there since everything is just so damn

For dinner, did
something super similar. For the surprise, I told my mum to be ready at 7 and
drove her to the place which is in downtown close to Dubai mall and only after
we parked and started walking towards the place she found out where we were

We had all these
different types of sushi, which were absolutely incredible! Alex and nick
officially converted me to being more realistic and trying new dishes when we
order or are at a new restaurant. 

I now, adore

Wishing you all a
wonderful week!

Giulia Zampieri


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