A New Look For Pixels Thoughts & Words

A MAKEOVER FOR PTW: As the new layout, template and everything is now live on my blog, I want to tell you why I have made this change. 

First of all I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years now, i chance the layout a few times but I wanted a complete change this time. I added new pages, I put the main sessions in the categories page and then I made everything look more clean, neat and tidy. 

Since most of my life is now told through photos, words, projects and dreams, I thought the blog should get a makeover and start up with a fresh look.

For these three years I’ve been working on this website every single day and it’s easy to see how much this blog has changed my life and of course I changed with it.

I grew up, I pushed myself to do things I wouldn’t have imagined myself doing and I learn something new everyday. I try to inspire people who are following me along this journey.

I started writing this blog when I was 18 and it has taught me so many things.

This is a newer version with more contents, stories and inspirations, and I WILL publish new articles every single day.

I hope my blog inspires you to be the best version of yourself, to open yourself to new opportunities, think outside the box. Travel, discover and explore new things and enlarge your views. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes, make a difference with the smallest actions.

The posts I will try write early in case I’m busy for that week for example but apart from that, I’m going to try my best and update everyday. I’ve been writing a few extra articles so I can “schedule post” and I don’t physically need to be there to publish so that these days when I’m drowning in books and studying for my exams you still get to read the newest post! 

The lack of posts probably won’t happen again, if I can’t be on my laptop, I’ll do it through my phone.

It was time for a change for Pixels Thoughts & Words, especially with the amount of new articles I have to write and have been writing. I’m loving the new look. Do you like it too?
I feel like it’s way easier to navigate and it’s just so much easier to go from one page to another. Whatever it is you’re looking, it’ll be so easy and simple to find.

Giulia Zampieri


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