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FASHION DESIGN SHORT COURSE: The other day, I was going through facebook and I saw a post on Grazie Middle East – it was about a competition, and from the many times I tried, I was almost ready to ignore it…but something told me I should give it a shot. I emailed the answer which I thought was correct and a few hours BOOM – an reply to the same email saying I was the lucky winner!!! I was incredibly shocked, also because the course started Friday and that day was Wednesday.

First of all Thank you Grazia Middle East, I have had an incredible time for the short course at the LCF-Dubai.

Well now you get to read about my experience…First of all, let me just start out as to say how organized everything was. The location of the short course was at the Vida Hotel, Downtown Burj Khalifa. So like I said, beautiful location, the valet parking of the hotel was excellent service, the max I waited was probably 2 minutes.

Friday the 16th May, was the first class of the course, I reached and went to the “reception desk” there was two wonderful ladies who would help you out with where the classes was. They offered a huge quantity of different breakfast foods and drinks. There was a huge table with coffee, tea, orange juice, water, different types of cakes and so on. Then, I went to class and everyone ofcourse had to introduce themselves, and then Mr.Richard started with the first lecture, which by the way was the most fun because we got to see a bit of the different side to Fashion Design. The first day was all a huge introduction, felt like first year in Uni all over again – except in a day. We had to get our research done, start printing, start sticking and making our mood boards.

Next day, was all about drawing, we had a presentation about silhouette, different shapes and so on and then we had to draw out minimum 30 drawings by the next day. Our deadline was at 11am. At this point, I started working quicker so I could reach my target which was higher than 30, I wanted to work hard so I could have more done and have more choices for my collection.

Third day, was all about color, we learnt different techniques of colors, how to use the different types and so on. The rest of the class was to experiment with our color palette. Second half of day 3, and day 4 (which unfortunately was the last day of the short course) was to start and finish our Capsule Collection. We had to chose ten of our best fashion drawings that we had designed, and make them “match” with our moodboards ofcourse. The capsule collection pretty much had to make sense with all our previous work we had done.

The fourth day we got our Attendance Certificate and I took some pictures of the entire class to post up on the blog.

I would like to Thank Grazia Middle East so much for this amazing opportunity and for giving me this incredible experience I had at London Fashion College in Dubai.

Thank you so much for letting me win, it was an incredible experience and looking forward to attending a few more of these incredible short courses with London Fashion College in Dubai.

Thanks so much again.

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♥ Giulia Zampieri


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