My Summer Trip This Year!!

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SUMMER HOLIDAYS: I still haven’t talked to you about my Summer plans because I wanted it to be a surprise! Today, I finally want to reveal the secret to you and tell you all about it! 

I’ve read comments of all the readers that tried guessing! Well, guess what! Some of you got it right!

In 2010, ahhh that was ages ago. I’ll start with the summer after! 

In 2011, we went to the UK, visited Glasgow, Inverness, All of the Scottish highlands, London, Amsterdam, and Italy ofcourse.

Year after, in 2012, I went to Portugal to visit Ana, her family to explore Lisbon and as many other places as possible.

In 2013, I went to Italy, first alone- spending quality time with Giulia, her family and mutual friends and then my family joined me.

This year I’ve decided to go visit Samantha, my extended family and the beautiful South Africa! 

Before booking my ticket, I made a list of the places I want to visit there, the list got slightly longer every time I did more research. The other day, skyping with Samantha, my list became more realistic for the amount of time I’m there! 

I’m going to SOUTH AFRICA!!!!

I actually booked my ticket in January, so I’ve had to wait AGES, to tell you all. It was slightly killing me, as I’m super excited about my trip!! 

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