Getting My Second Tattoo

GETTING INKED: So as I have mentioned in this post, I had been craving a tattoo for a while now so when I got to South Africa for my amazing Summer trip, Monique & I both wanted to get inked so Samantha who knew a place to get it done is the star who got the appointment for us and everything. It was Wednesday when she got the appointment and she got it for Saturday the 7th June. I couldn’t wait for the day and when it was Saturday morning, I couldn’t believe I was getting my second tattoo done. I got something that means a lot to me, I don’t give two shits of who doesn’t like my tattoos. It’s my body and I LOVE both the tattoos I have. I would only get tattoos that ACTUALLY have meaning to me. For my second tattoo, I got it done on my ribs, right ribs to be specific. It was an amazing day, spent with such amazing people and GEEZE getting inked was FABULOUS!
I’m so excited to show you the result! Woop woop! Stay tuned babes!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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