Joburg Red Bus Tour (Part II)

JOBURG PART 2: So, here it is…finally I’m publishing part 2 of our awesome day in Johannesburg! That day, I’m talking about the first time that we were all around Joburg, the 8th June. That was one damn incredible day! Samantha, Diego & I had SO much fun. As you saw from the pictures in the first article I published…Samantha, my best friend AKA my flamingo! She and Diego (my Nutella Hero – i’ll tell you more about that soon) made my day in Joburg more incredible than I ever thought it could be.
Well, either way, I really hope you enjoy the pictures. Trust me, I can’t remember If i’ve said this already but if you have the opportunity to go to Johannesburg, South Africa….DON’T SAY NO! GO! It’s seriously incredible!
Now, lay back & go enjoy the pictures!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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