New Hair, Finally

FINALLY NEW HAIR: Okay, as you probably know already. I can’t trust hairdressers.
Especially in Dubai, I’ve tried spending A LOT, medium prices and little
prices. It doesn’t work. They all do their own thing. Even if you show them a
picture of the EXACT haircut and you tell them exactly what color you would
like your hair to be…there’s no chance. So, I decided to experiment in Italy
(last Summer – and they know how to do their job. They have to go to a school
unlike in Dubai where one day they wake up and decide that they are a  hairdresser. So this Summer, I went to South
Africa to see my gorgeous best friend who I hadn’t seen in AGES. Either way,
both her & Monique (another gorgeous one – friend of Sammi) go to this lady
called Jessica and she did the hair for a bunch of girls who I met there, so I gave
it a shot. Well, it worked! I got a haircut and my hair colored because the
second last hairdresser I went to was an idiot and she added too much bleach
and my hair turned orange and it looked like crap. In South Africa, they
obviously know how to mix colors and make it the exact shade we ask for. So I got
everything done with Jessica & I finally like my hair!!!!! HAPPY TIMES! After
having a big fat mess for more than a year and a half.

When I got home, I expected it to be a tiny bit different but that’s only
because it was JUST done. So after a couple of hours it looked even better.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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