Because Running Makes Me Happy

RUN, LIKE YOU STOLE SOMETHING: So since last year October, my passion for running re-grew on me. It was that weekend…the day before Rihanna’s concert was when I realised I wanted to start running again. We came back to Dubai on the Sunday afternoon and I told myself I was going running tomorrow morning sooooo the next morning, on Monday 21st October I got up at 5:30am, did some stretching, got my iPod ready and went for my run. I wasn’t looking at the time, or the kilometres I was doing but the fact that I got up from the super-duper-comfy bed I own and went for my morning run….and I tell ya, it felt AMAZING. Seriously, if you don’t run, or you’ve never tried…theres a big chance you won’t believe me. You should definitely try it. One day just tell yourself you’ll wake up and go for a run, don’t focus on time or distance but only the fact of getting up and going.

After that day, I use to go 3 to 5 times a week…

Here in Dubai, I like going in “winter” of course…because in the month from October onwards, you can actually breath when you’re outdoors. From then on, i fall in love with running more and more every time. In Summer time, it is literally disgusting weather, the other day, i got ready for my run at night, I went outdoors for 120 seconds and I was MELTING. I still went, just because running makes me happy, smile and it clears my mind!  

Hope you guys try it out, at least once….if you don’t like it…email me! haha I would REALLY like to know one person who “regretted” a run. I think that is seriously something impossible.

Here are a few of my best runs, and remember…I don’t run for distance or time…I run because running makes me happy.

Best way to think it, if you want to run faster.

An old man chasing you, a hot guy at the finish line.


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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