Magic Hair Product

HAIR AFTER-CARE: Ever since dyed my hair closer to what my natural hair colour is suppose to look like, back in Dcember, to be completely honest…my hair wasn’t as soft as it use to be, because the hairdresser ruined my hair by putting too much bleach. In May, just before leaving to South Africa, I went to get a haircut (yes, such a big risk here in Dubai). Anyways, so I got a nice haircut and the hairdresser told me my hair was a little weak and of course not as soft as it should be. She suggested for me to buy this oil-cream for my hair. After having washed my hair, I basically take 3 drops, depending of a person’s hair length and rub it at the ends of my hair making my hair messy and making sure it soaks it up.

This product has now fixed my hair, I call it my baby after every shower because it does a little bit of magic every time after I wash my hair.

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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