The Lion Park, Johannesburg

TOP TOURIST ATTRACTIONS: One of the tourist attractions I’ve been dreaming of doing since I was really
young and fell in love with South Africa. Going to Johannesburg was a dream
come true. No joke. I’ve been dreaming to go to Joburg for the longest time.
The fact that I could go to The Lion Park was INSANE. First we decided all the
activities we wanted to do. We decided to first go on the Game Drive which is
basically going around the park and seeing all the beautiful animals such as
Springbucks, Lions, Cheetas, Giraffes, and many many more. You guys have no
idea how amazing it is to go around the park to see these amazing animals so
close yet so far and just see them chill or eat or run around. It’s incredible.
Honestly, I loved it. In the time that I was busy taking 1,000 photos of the
animals. I had Samantha, Diego & Nicole take 1,000 videos of what was
happening. The videos are even more amazing. Diego has got to be the best
commentary and Ufft, Samantha, I just love you. I know you’re reading this. Do
you remember all those funny comments. I can’t wait to be able to upload them
on the blog for all you beautiful people to see them.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures, hopefully you’ve been loving the ones I’ve
published already!
Thank you for your support & comments.

The Lion Park, Johannesburg. Sunday 29th June 2014

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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