22nd Birthday Brunch

22ND BIRTHDAY BRUNCH: The birthday Brunch i had in Dubai Let’s just say, it got a little crazy….I don’t remember most of it…I apparently got married, to a guy from SA. We gave each other rings and Nikol (one of my close friends / photographer for the blog) was our priest. It was quite exciting I have to say, oh and they took videos! So ya! I’m only adding a few pictures here…the rest I’ll keep here safe…hahahaha. My brunch ended up being amazing, with less people but AMAZING. No joke. Enjoy the pictures guys!

I love you Nikol & Ana! You girls are the best!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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  1. nikkifdb
    September 10, 2014 / 11:21 am

    Hahaha I love how I officiated like three weddings now. I love you mooooore pookieeee <3

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