Beachin With Le Friends

BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE: The other day Diana & I had the plan of going to tan at Barasti so we could have a drink aswell, we ended up going there a bit too early so we went to have coffee first, in the meantime we caught up a bit since it was over 3 months since we didn’t see each other, between exams and summer trips and so on. When we went back to Barasti, a few of our friends met up with us. We laid in the sun for a couple of hours while having a drink or two. Then we decided to go for sushi since the rest of us left and there were 3 of us remaining. We went to have sushi (which all 3 of us adore). At night, Mario (who was with us at the beach) invited us to a friend’s house gathering but unfortunately Diana couldn’t make it. It was so much fun doing something different and having different people around you (apart from Diana). I love that gorgeous girl next to me! You make my days worth it!

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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