Here We Go Again

CHANGING MY HAIR AGAIN: Today’s title for this post is perfect. I’m talking about my hair. I’m changing it once again. If you guys remember, in January 20123 I changed my hair colour to darker than it was (I showed you guys on this post. I was bored of my original hair colour and I wanted to try something new, so i went to a few shades darker brown. I continued to dye it until June, before I left for Italy in Summer 2013. In December 2013, I decided I should go back to my natural hair colour but the hairdressers in Dubai, really don’t know how to work with hair. I actually can’t find one and i’ve been here for like 17 years. I’ve tried super expensive to medium rate to cheap rate and it’s all the same, I like it at first but then it’s back to “I wish my lady hairdresser from Italy worked in Dubai”. In December when I went to get my hair “fixed”. It turned out orange. and i mean it was brownish-orange but I still wasn’t happy with it. This past summer, I went to South Africa, and Samantha told me there is a really good hairdresser here in town, bla, bla, boa so I said, PERFECT why not try this one. The lady was wonderful and completely took away the orange from my hair and made my roots (natural colour) grow back pretty damn fast and made the ends blonde, just like I wanted. That was back in (end of) June. Now, my friend Nikol, since she does everything herself (colours, cuts, etc) suggested when I mentioned I wanted to do something new to my hair that we should do it sometime soon and together. To be completely honest, i’m BEYOND scared of using Bleach to make it go lighter and that’s the only way really. She’s already done it before and so used to it. I’m freaking out because it would be the first time AT HOME, doing it BY MYSELF. The only reason I’m doing it by myself is because, I’m done with trying with hairdressers in Dubai ofcourse. In Italy, I love my hairdresser.
Anyways, so I have a couple of ideas of what I want to do and how I want to do it so I’ll show you a few of them here.
Let me know what you think, I like opinions unless you have to say bullshit about me then you can shut up!

P.S. This is all happening this afternoon after Uni, hopefully it’ll turn out good!
Alright Enjoy the pics guys! 🙂 Have a wonderful Tuesday!


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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