Slurps Time Soon!

SLURPS TIME SUPER SOON: Today I’m super super duper happy! I’ve been up for ages now but emm, this morning I woke up and literally cleaned everything in my room, such as my horrible looking desk..hahaha I had a few things on because I didn’t have time to clean it last night. Now I’m actually getting ready to go to Dubai Mall & then Slurps (Ana) is coming over. We have some things planned, such as go tanning and take some cool videos and stuff. I think we’ll order pizza and watch a movie on the couch tonight and then eat junk food in the middle of the night! haha

Anyways gotta go, or I’ll be late! P.S. I’m going to publish my birthday brunch post only today since I’ve been falling a bit behind with the blog, but I’m slowly catching up!

Thank you so much for your patience!!! Really appreciate it! 🙂


♥ Giulia Zampieri


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