I Want It All

IT’S BEEN A WHILE: I’m actually shocked myself that I have an outfit post. Okay maybe it’s been a while, but lemme tell ya, I”M BACK. & I’m not planning to go anywhere, anytime soon, or EVER. I’ve been absent from the blog for a while but doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have come back! I’ve been going a little crazy and been going out way to much. I’ve made new plans, and timings now so time management should look okay now. Things will just have to be more organised. 

Hi by the way! It’s a new day and this post…i must admit is pretty special. As you may have noticed on Instagram and stuff, I’m slightly in love with the curls that I manage to get done. It takes so little time, I LOVE IT! The outfit I chose today was a casual and simple one. I love wearing casual and being comfortable.

So hope you’re having a wonderful day babies!

I was wearing:

| Skirt: H&M | Shirt: Italy | Bag: Balenciaga | Sunnies: Prada, Baroque | Shoes: Converse All Star 

♥ Giulia Zampieri


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